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One thing we should all understand is that riding our bikes is exciting and fun, but there is also that element of Danger. This is why it is critical to your safety to have a properly operating Bike and all the Proper Riding Safety equipment, before you ride. Be Sure to regularly check and maintain your bike, as well as your safety equipment. “Here’s a Tip you may Not Know!” Helmets should be replaced after three to five years of use. Why You Ask? The addhesives that bind the styrofoams together begins to deteriorate making the helmet less and less safe over time.

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2003 Vulcan 1600 – Fit is snug, seems well made.
November 29, 2017
Verified Purchase
I bought this to cover my 2003 Kaw Vulcan 1600 classic. It fits, but just barely. The bike has a mid-height windshield and a mid-height backrest as well as full with crash bars and folded highway pegs. Everything else on the bike is stock. The cover is plenty tall and wide for this bike with these accessories, but the length is tight. The material seems sturdy and it comes in a case to store it when it is removed form the bike. I am using this in a garage, so can’t judge how well it works outdoors but it seems like it is a little lacking in grommets for securing at the bottom. Overall am very happy with this cover for the price I paid, but I was expecting a bit looser fit in the 2XL size. For indoor storage I loke covers to fit a little looser.

Verified Purchaser
If you look around on several different sites, you will not find a better deal for what you are paying for from Krator here on Amazon!! This unit DOES NOT come with instructions and packaging attentiveness may vary. Mine- was packaged well with bubble wrap in a box. I YouTube’d “spike EFI Air Cleaner” And was able to install my air intake kit- No Problem!! It takes a little mechanical skill- but if you are a “do it yourself’er”, it shouldn’t be an issue! If you have aftermarket pipes and and are adding this unit to your ride- you will need to have your ECU “flashed” or mapped for the Stage One upgrade. This will set your fuel/air ratios up properly so you aren’t damaging your engine with the added intake of air.
Overall, an outstanding product!! I have ridden around for a few days now after having my bike flashed, and there is a noticeable difference! Much more smooth, much more responsive!
You will find similar products will cost you upwards of 500-700$$$!! Take your time with the install, lock tight all of your attaching hardware and enjoy the results!!

ByPontizzleon March 18, 2017
Verified Purchaser
4.0 out of 5 starsFour Stars
it works great but it takes time to put on

Verified Purchaser
Get what you pay for but not too bad
By Paul on May 06, 2016
This is on a 2008 Harley Night Train. For what you are paying this is an incredibly good deal, but don’t think you are getting the same quality as a $250-$500 unit. There are some small issues but again, what a great value.

By Paul on May 06, 2016
Verified Purchaser

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Personal protection equipment saves lives…

Personal Protection equipment is a must for any rider. Your Safety is key to enjoy many years of riding experience. Having the right equipment can and will help protect you from more serious injuries in case of an accident. And we all know accidents on Bikes happen all the time!

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Motoin has a full line of personal rider protection apparel. They carry a full line of helmets, suits, gloves and so much more. If you can’t find it at Thrillsmotorcycles you should try Motoin.

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